My correspondent, in the essay below the jump, prefers to be anonymous. I would be happy to forward to him any thoughts you might wish to share with…
The case for solar power
I don't know what's wrong with America. So I asked my great old Pop.
I’ve drafted and thrown out several versions of today’s newsletter. Sometimes rage makes for good prose; sometimes it just makes you sound unhinged. I…
Letters from friends on the American mood
In Russia's invasion of Ukraine as in 1914, behind military failure lie deeper flaws, rooted in the fundamental nature of despotic government.
Everything you need to be a reasonably well-informed person who can hold your own in any taxi you hail.
If you’re reading this, it’s because I found a spot on the lawn from which I can use my phone as a WiFi hotspot long enough to send this newsletter. At…
Notes on Peter Zeihan and political forecasting: Part I
The author of WAR 101 explains what just happened in Ukraine. Russia is no longer on the offensive. Not even close.
Dugin, The Third Empire, the Cult of Stalin, Neo-Medievalism, and the Sources of Russian Conduct: An Introduction to Dina Khapaeva.
Iowa makes my point