A Cosmopolitan Globalist Anthology
"We owe it to our fathers and grandfathers to safeguard what they won.” Plus: Global Eyes, nail-biter edition.
Today's newsletter is all bad news until the end
... Not really a love story
Prewar. Plus: The debut of the International Translation Superhighway. Plus: Global Eyes, Russia War Edition
A Kurdish guerilla, disillusioned with fighting the Iranian regime, tries to smuggle himself on to truck bound for the Schengen Area.
Narcos: Mexico. The Cosmopolitan Globalists' annual film awards. Plus: The French Election Twitter Space Returns
Plus: Global Eyes
You may not be interested in Russia, but Russia is interested in you.
Resolved: Understanding Putinism as an ideology is essential to understanding Russia's regime.Please read Nicolas Tenzer’s essay, “What does Vladimir Putin want?” and the Cosmopolitan Globalists’ introduction to the essay, here. Consider:…
An essay by Nicolas Tenzer. Plus: Global Eyes
If you’re keen to know the future of Moscow’s relationship with Beijing, watch Central Asia.