This publication was borne of the observation that genuinely global news coverage has all but disappeared from the Anglophone media. Thus the Cosmopolitan Globalist: a new publication that is neither national, nationalist, partisan, narrow-minded, nor provincial. The Cosmopolitan Globalist is, as the name suggests, cosmopolitan and worldly—and the center of our world is not Washington, D.C.

We are 68 writers, journalists, academics, politicians, and analysts around the globe, shepherded into a single platform by Claire Berlinski in Paris and Vivek Kelkar in Mumbai. We are united by our attachment to 18th-century Enlightenment ideals: rational inquiry, free speech, free trade, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional governance, the rule of law, and the separation of state from church, temple, and mosque alike. We are united, too, by concern that these ideals can’t survive the digital age.

We firmly reject the far-right, the far-left, and populism, but beyond favoring decency and common sense, we are not passionately ideological. Our aim is to offer educated, erudite, and credible reporting and analysis from the world around, treating issues of genuinely global import. We also host regular debates and podcasts, and we offer our readers a forum to discuss these issues with us and each other. We kicked off with this newsletter, and now we’ve expanded to our own website.

We strive to provide world-class coverage of consequential events even as we consider every issue from an informed local perspective. Our writers live in the countries from which they report. They understand local politics intimately.

We seek insight from academia and other experts. We value expertise. But we do not worship it. Our style sheet bans the use of the phrases, “experts say,” and “science says.” We do not chase breaking news. It breaks, we shrug. We strive, instead, to be more intelligent, reflective, astute, and accurate than any other publication.

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