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The Baltic Jammer

Is Russia messing with commercial airplane navigation?

Hey, has anyone else had this problem? I received this message from a subscriber:

[T]he podcast episodes are no longer appearing in the subscriber podcast feed. Last week episodes for Monday-Thursday appeared and I listened to them but disappeared from the full list of episodes in the podcast app feed for all episodes.

Please let me know if you’ve had this problem, too. It will help me figure out how to fix it.

Show notes

European GPS-disturbance: multi-faceted. I have no idea if this is completely kooky nonsense or if there’s something to it. Does anyone else?

Discussing it put me in mind of the introduction to this essay:

Sweden scrambles to intercept Russian aircraft within hours of NATO flag raising. Swedish JAS-39 Gripen multi-role fighter aircraft were scrambled alongside Belgian and German aircraft to investigate an unidentified track over the Baltic Sea emanating from Kaliningrad.

Russia’s first strike weapon: It’s even more dangerous than an orbital nuclear bomb. (The whole essay is excellent.)

Threat of regional war intensifies as DR Congo rebels close in on Goma. Aid agencies warn of humanitarian catastrophe as resurgent M23 militia fights its way through mineral-rich region.

If you’d like a backgrounder on this conflict, try this:

World Happiness Report 2024

The rankings:

At least 22 million fake votes cast for Putin in presidential election

Cannibalism in Haiti? Fact-checking the unfounded claims:

The State Department told PolitiFact that it has received no credible reports about cannibalism in Haiti, and experts who study the country said they’ve seen no sign that cannibalism is prevalent among gangs or the population at large. 

(The cannibalism claims don’t sound hugely credible. But the “hell on earth” claims sure do.)

UNICEF chief: Haiti’s situation is like a scene from Mad Max.

It really doesn’t sound that far off of cannibalism. Poor Haiti.

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