One should talk or listen to the ones who were invited to the White House. Our local FOP representative, Rick Hughes, was invited for what he thought was a five minute photo op. He shared that the president was incredulous about crime, with what the way the economy was going. Seems that suggests he has a streak of liberalism in him, that the environment shapes the criminal. It also fits with his support of giving convicted felons a break to reintegrate back into society.

Scott Adams spent time talking with him in the White House in 2018. They shared who would be the next Democratic presidential nominee. Adams said Harris, Trump said Biden. I wonder how they knew.

I game online and made a friendship with one of his security detail at Mar-A-Lago, so I've been presented with a different take on the President. One not congruent with the media presentation.

What a Trump presidency has done, is to reveal the hypocrisy of the media. From me catching Molly Ball of The Atlantic with a lie of omission in her article on a Trump rally in Fort Wayne, where she wrote of a T-shirt with a profane message including Hillary and Monica, but forgot to include their race, black. How do I know this? Because I became reacquainted with them on my way out half way through a Trump rally in Indianapolis, all the while walking with a middle class black women who, disgusted with the Democratic party, was looking at Republican candidates.

What Trump has done, is not to single-handedly blown apart democracy, but to expose its weaknesses. And the main one is the complete control of the political-industrial complex by the two parties, a duopoly, explained in the Freakonomics interview with Gehl and Porter, who laid it out clearly.

The future? If Trump continues to hold rallies, he will have influence, but as a persuader and manipulator, not as a deal maker or boss. For his legions, already in communication with the far left (protesters), share the same distain for the elites and frankly, the corrupt political system.

I hope this succeeds. If not, then its into parts or something else. And something else is worse than the parts.

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You write that a second term of Trump might culminate in a Russian nuclear attack on America; when the American establishment spent over two years attacking him as a Russian asset.

More likely, if Biden wins, the Democrats and their allied institutions will embrace totalitarianism in the name of anti-racism. You already have propaganda in your mass media and censorship in your digital media. A nationwide purge conducted by millennial true believers would complete the transformation.

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What a long way to go for a bad punch line.

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