Wish I could. Sorry to miss it. Will there be a recording?

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Claire you’re not in the United States, you’re an American in Paris.

Can I ask why you agree with those tweets?

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Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute is as much of a Turkey expert as can be found in the United States. He says that Kalicdatoglu is a disaster in waiting for the United States. He believes that a victory by Erdogan’s opponent would be a big win for Russia, Iran, Armenia and anti-American forces throughout the world.

Much as Biden supported Lula’s victory in Brazil only to have Lula turn around and attack the United States in every available forum, would a Kalicdatoglu victory accomplish the same thing?

Here are some of Micael Doran’s tweets:

“US enemies of Erdogan are building up this fantasy, a Kalicdaroglu who is going to be pro-US, pro-Israel, pro-YPG. That person, I think we can agree, doesn’t exist. Also, I am pro-Azerbaijan. KK’s map troubles me.”

“Exactly right. If you think Kılıçdaroğlu’s interview with the WSJ is evidence that he will align with the US, then you either haven’t seen this map or you haven’t absorbed its meaning. The map tells you everything you need to know.”

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