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The sad thing is, let’s be honest, Ramaswamy doesn’t believe a lick of what he says. He’s just pandering hoping that DeSantis keeps cratering and something “tragic” happens to Trump. He’s too well educated to be this stupid, and has been too immersed in elite society to believe the mess he spews. He’s just playing the game, thinking insanity is the key to the nomination. He’s a tone deaf Youngkin, or a slightly less uncanny valley Cruz.

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Claire - thank you for, as usual, an impassioned yet deeply factual and well-researched essay. Listening to Vivek Ramaswamy's soundbites on the news I was beginning to be taken in by the smooth-talking precocious hotshot, good on his feet and willing to mix it up with the mainstream media. He does seem to have a simple and neat solution to every problem.

But “I am not familiar with” the nuclear triad?! Go back to school, Vivek, and study history this time. “Give strong consideration to RFK Jr.” for Vice President? That’s the best unifying ticket he can think of? Not seeing the difference between Russia’s and Ukraine’s moral standing in this war? I am not sure there is a remedy for that one. Maybe time, maturity, and self-reflection, informed by a deep study of philosophy and ethics.

So, again, thank you for keeping us informed, and providing examples, links, and historical references. Well done!

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If you can get through the pay wall, here’s Matt Tiabbi arguing convincingly that the American Uniparty is in love with war and is obsessed with promoting American hegemony with NATO playing the role of its little brother.

If Tiabbi is right, and there’s every reason to believe that he is, then the United States is complicit in all of the terrible atrocities committed by Putin. But for America’s hegemonic aspirations, none of the horrendous war crimes Claire describes would ever have happened.

As far as I can tell, the only presidential candidates who understand this are Ramaswamy, Trump and RFK, Jr.

Is it any wonder that Claire finds these candidates so objectionable that she’s willing to slander them?



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Claire, I dig your insights sometimes, but this was actually just unhinged, man.

If nothing else, was an ad hominem attack really necessary? Just because the former president did it doesn’t make it ok.

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“So what if he was hatched. He knows what time it is.”

This is a genius line worthy of Captain Beefheart. I mean that in the most adulatory of ways

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Claire, your rant about Ramaswamy’s company, Roivant, shows you know nothing about biopharmaceutical companies. All biotech companies lose money and burn through cash like it’s going out of style. Practically every single company in this space is as volatile as Roivant, many much more so.

Successful phase III trials are few and far between; most biotechs never succeed and end up collapsing. Companies that succeed with one or more Phase IIIs hit the jackpot. Either they sell their successful asset to large Pharma or they sell the entire company to large Pharma.

Occasionally but rarely, the product that they develop allows the small biotech to actually market the product that they develop. When that happens, a small biotech becomes a small pharmaceutical company in its own right. Both Regeneron and Vertex followed this route.

A quick look at Roivant’s stock price demonstrates that the Company is well-managed and more successful than many of its peers. Your attempt to discredit Ramaswamy by discrediting his leadership of his company simply falls flat on its face. Your argument about his corporate stewardship is unhinged and incorrect.

Sadly, the rest of your essay borders on the unhinged as well. You sound especially foolish in arguing that Ramaswamy’s lack of experience should be disqualifying.

It was an experienced politician (Clinton) who bombed Serbia in an act that mirrored Putin’s effort to change the map of Europe unilaterally.

It was a member of one of the most experienced political families in America (the Bush family) that lied us into Iraq and bungled us into Afghanistan.

It was the untested but eloquent Obama who was Commander-in-Chief for eight years while the American military failed miserably in the attempt to pacify Afghanistan.

It was the remarkably experienced Joe Biden who bugged out of Afghanistan in a manner so incompetent that too many American soldiers died completely unnecessary deaths. And that’s before we even mention the fact that Biden worked overtime to instigate Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As it turned out, Biden had too much experience. In fact he was so experienced that his nostalgia for the halcyon days of the Cold War inspired him to antagonize Putin into doing what Putin probably wanted to do anyway.

That’s the worst of it but it’s not the end of it. There was the brilliant politicians of both parties who assured us that peace between Israel and most of its Arab neighbors was impossible until a resolution to the Palestinian problem was solved. The inexperienced and dimwitted young Mr. Kushner accomplished the impossible in a few short months.

Let’s not forget the disaster in Syria or the fact that during the reign of our most experienced Presidents, North Korea developed one of the most formidable nuclear arsenals in the world. Nor should we forget the pallets of cash the experienced experts on the Obama team shipped off to the Ayotollahs.

Is it any wonder that millions of Americans are skeptical that experience does anything other than lead from disaster to disaster. To lots of people, including me, Ramaswamy’s lack of experience is a virtue not a drawback.

Here’s what globalists like you don’t get, Claire; those of us who think the United States is a force for good in the world and want to see American power preserved are sick and tired of politicians in both political parties squandering American power in one failed foreign adventure after the next.

Our country emerged from the Cold War unchallenged. Thanks to Uniparty liberal internationalists and neoconservatives, the United States is weaker than its been anytime since the end of the last World War. We’re more indebted than ever and we’ve wasted trillions of dollars on wars that we always lose. Our Strategic Petroleum Reserves are lower than they’ve been in a generation. We’re sending cluster bombs to our Ukrainian friends because, like the Russians, we’re running out of other ordinance.

Our aircraft carriers and other naval vessels in Asia are sitting ducks for Chinese hypersonic missiles. Taiwan is more threatened than ever and we can’t repel a Chinese invasion of the Island because if we do, China will simply shut off our supply of antibiotics and other medicines which will result in massive medical problems up to and including death in the United States. While this problem can be remedied, doing so will take at least a decade.

The globalists in both political parties that you support, Claire, could not have done more harm to the United States and it allies if their goal has been to deliberately damage the United States instead of doing it through sheer negligence.

Compared to all of this, is it any wonder that Ramaswamy doesn’t look too bad?

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Just off the top of my head: George Washington; James Madison; Alexander Hamilton; Benjamin Franklin; Gouverneur Morris; John Quincy Adams; Thomas Jefferson... All from a nation of 2.5 million. How is it possible that from a population 130 TIMES greater, we have nothing but schmucks, ignoramuses, dotards, charlatans and a few simply unqualified legends-in-their-own-minds to choose from? One would expect over 1,000 qualified, admirable, statesmanlike and patriotic candidates were the level of talent the country could muster in 1776 be present in the same proportions today. Where the heck are they?

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Yikes, Claire! Don’t hold back—tell us what you really think!

You know, after reading this, I find myself thinking that I should announce my candidacy. Because I’m pretty sure that I could do a better job in the Oval Office than Trump, Biden, RFK Jr. or this Vivek character. Maybe Chris Christie as my running mate?

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Loved this. Great work

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"Donald Trump ensured we will forevermore see parades of chancers like Vivek Ramaswamy"

You've forgotten about Ross Perot. Sorry, but there have always been the unqualified businessmen who tickle our conservative fancies. It's just we elected one of the worst.

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You gave me the gift of doubt about Vivek (I can't pronounce Ramaswamy).

But I could write similarly scathing articles about Christie, Newsom, and especially about Biden (without even getting into his corruption). Not hard to throw stones.

On the other hand.

Vivek is young, not beholden to the Washington power brokers (though he will be if he gets close to the prize), articulate (though Biden's response to the Maui fires was articulate - "No comment"), and most of all, he is different.

We went with that tired old hack Biden (he has been sucking on the government tit for 52 years!!!) and look where that got us.

As an aside, you comment of Vivek's money earning schemes. Every one of his endeavors has been subject to public and regulatory scrutiny.

Biden on the other hand, on a "public servant's" salary, has accumulated many millions of personal wealth. I assume that Biden is a clever saver and clips coupons when he goes to the grocery store.

I wrote this comment for two reasons:

(1) Show how easy it is to throw stones at public figures, and

(2) The old guard has not served us well, time to look elsewhere.

No idea is Vivek is the person (that is why we have the cauldron of primaries), but I for one am happy that he is running.

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Inexplicably, Claire, you left out the part of the Boche snatching Belgian babies out of their incubators, and then gleefully bayonetting them. Or was it impaling them onto their spiked helmets? (But maybe incubator-wise, I was confusing the Boche with Saddam Hussein's lurch into Kuwait.)

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