I’m wondering whether the leaks were, at least in part, a deliberate effort by the Biden Administration and the Intelligence Community. Could they be trying to acclimate the American people to what they believe will be a gigantic foreign policy and military calamity in Ukraine?

Let’s hope not. What we can count on is the fact that the claims that some of the assessments were altered or modified is almost certainly untrue.

It has not been a good few months for the CIA and it’s sister agencies. Everyone who thinks straight now realizes that the NordStream Pipeline was destroyed with American acquiescence if not active participation. The cover story that was concocted to shift blame was so amateurish that it was laughable. The Germans know the Americans did it; everyone knows it.

Even a total Ukrainian victory, as unlikely as that is, won’t save the United States from its disastrous foreign policy. The dollar is being replaced slowly but surely. American adversaries are emboldened as never before and are collaborating more closely than we could have ever imagined. Nations that Biden once hoped to woo like Brazil and India are washing their hands of the United States and its demands.

It’s quite something to realize that even a Ukraine military victory still ends up as an American political and economic defeat. One shudders to contemplate what a Russian victory would mean for the U.S.

I was taken by something Larry Summers said recently in an interview I watched on Bloomberg Television. He relayed something he heard from a senior political leader in an ostensibly non-aligned nation. Summers asked this leader whether his nation was moving towards China or the United States. The answer was telling. He said China delivers airports while the United States delivers stern lectures. That’s why China is winning and we are losing.

The neoconservative/liberal internationalist elites are literally destroying the American power and influence that they believe is essential to the world order they are partial to. They almost never get anything right.

Perhaps Putin would have invaded Ukraine regardless of what the United States did. But Biden’s decision to instigate Putin to invade may turn out to be the most serious error in judgement since World War II. Biden, Blinken, Nuland and the rest of the fools running American foreign policy were convinced that encouraging Putin to invade would lead to his downfall and a restoration of American hegemony that dissipated in the Trump years. Instead we are watching the last vestiges of American hegemony collapse right before our eyes.

Even President Macron has had it with the United States.


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And never forget political agendas.

We have learned (the hard way) that our intelligence agencies lie to the American public, lie to our (glorious) leaders, and probably lie to each other.

That lying has gone past incompetence to political manipulation.

We can't stop them from lying, but we sure can stop respecting those hacks.

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