Thank you for your lovely observations about Seville! I will be there in the first full week of May and look forward to experiencing this beautiful city.

Any recommendations for authentic places to eat? (I prefer to sample local cuisine wherever I am)

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Concerning the deterrent value of Israel's nuclear weapons, I've always been of the opinion that it's a last-ditch kind of thing: "Maybe you'll be able to destroy us, but if you do, we'll return the favor." Supposing that Iran became a nuclear-armed power, would the ayatollahs really be prepared to risk the destruction of the Islamic Republic in exchange for the destruction of the Zionist Entity?

Though Israel will neither confirm nor deny it, the IDF is thought to maintain a triad-style nuclear strike force: land-based missiles, aircraft, and submarine-launched cruise missiles. This means that an attacker can never be confident of eliminating Israel's nuclear forces in a first strike. Estimates of the number of Israeli nuclear weapons on hand range from one hundred to four hundred.

If I were the Iranian regime, doing the math on this would give me pause.

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That’s probably why Iran prefers to strangle its enemies rather than getting directly involved. Are the Iranians willing to sacrifice untold numbers of Arabs? You bet!

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That’s no doubt true. But a nuclear exchange, even if it spared the moo-las, would spell the end for them in the long run, because there would no longer be a country for them to dominate.

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A question and discussion point for Jon on the next podcast? There seems to be a lot of stories dribbling out of Washington and London that while the US seems to be strongly in favor of Japan joining AUKUS but that UK and Australia are far more reluctant. Does Jon have any thoughts as to why this is and what might the implications be? Given that the US is bringing most of the money and technology to the table in AUKUS it feels it is a bit assertive for the UK and Australia to try to veto other members joining. What is to stop the US from saying creating a second AUKUS like organization between the US, Japan, and France which I think would really really make a lot of people in London quite angry if they did that although I can absolutely imagine the howls of laughter in Paris the day such an alliance was announced.

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I remember the flagelantes (flagellants) during Semana Santa (Holy Week).

I have never felt that guilty.

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