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This is an excellent conversation and I don’t mean to make light of it because I honestly lose sleep over Ukraine, but your cat makes me laugh. At first I thought it was my cat but then I realized she was right next to me. I recognize that “Pay attention to me” meow when you’re trying to work.

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She's utterly adorable. She's 20 years old, she's only got three legs, and she finally has me all to herself after waiting her *entire life* for her adoptive sisters and brothers to die. And she wants every second of me. She follows me everywhere I go in the apartment. When I get up to make coffee, she grumpily follows me into the kitchen. If I close the door when I go to the bathroom, she sits outside the door and meows her head off. If I'm up and walking around--doing housework, for example--she follows me everywhere I go, but protests vociferously that she doesn't *want* to: I should to sit down where I belong--on the couch--so that she can rest. She sleeps most of the day, but when she's awake, she wants me to pet her, and she'll meow until I do. As soon as I start rubbing her head, she starts purring like a jet engine. If I stop--MEOOOOWWWW!

It's scarcely possible for an animal and a human to be more closely bonded. I so hope God gives me a few more years with her, but of course, she's 20. So I never say no to her. If she wakes me up at four in the morning because she wants me to scratch her head, I don't complain. I just scratch her head until she's ready to fall back asleep.

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