"I wouldn’t send the Ukrainians tanks."

Having operated American tanks, and been inside a great many others, Russian included, I agree. Never mind how to operate a tank, I doubt the Ukrainian soldiers would understand the tactical advantage you have with an M1 series tank over pretty much any Russian made tank. Now, send me (old cranky knees and all) and some of my buds over there? Well, nevermind...it's been too long.

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A couple of comments:

All battles consist of multiple small unit actions in which the defense has a systemic advantage. That the Russians are no longer relying on their heavy-fisted armored forces is a bad sign for them. Electronic attacks, drones, bombardment, etc. cannot of themselves break down the kind of sponge defense that the Ukrainians are employing. An attacker can't prevail unless he attacks.

If the Russian air force has switched to night operations, this is a sign that Ukraine's air defenses have made the cost of daylight operations prohibitive. If the Russians can't employ their attack helicopters and close support aircraft by day, then they can't employ them at all.

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