Sep 10 • 1HR 59M

The Mexico Cosmopolicast

David Agren tells us how Mexico really works. (Bonus: How El Salvador and Canada really work.)

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David Agren
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This evening I spoke toEl Reporter, David Agren, about Mexico. David has been covering Mexico as a freelance correspondent since the beginning of this century. One of the things we discuss is this extraordinary article, published recently in The New York Times: Why did a drug gang kill 43 students? Text messages hold clues.

The Mexican police, military officers and others secretly colluded with a cartel that kidnapped 43 students, a case unsolved after nearly a decade. Wiretaps show just how much the authorities helped the cartel behind the mass abduction, and what led to it.

We talk about many other things, too. If you’re scared by the idea of a two-hour podcast, don’t be. It’s an interesting conversation, and you can break it into installments.

“ … I always think that the president of Mexico is very hard to understand. And the reason he’s hard to understand is because he has to be explained in religious terms. He doesn’t have a political project. He has a moral project.”


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