Dec 17, 2020 • 46M

The First Podcast: What's a Good Story for the Cosmopolitan Globalist?

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The Cosmopolitan Globalists get on a Zoom call and ask themselves, “So, what are we doing here?” We also ask why Piero’s friend, a fully-qualified engineer, believes the earth is flat, and we adopt Vivek’s turtle as our mascot—all the way down.

Some of you wrote to me yesterday to ask, “Why can’t I listen to the podcast?”

I assumed you were just whingers. “I don’t know,” I wrote back. “It works for me.”

Then I realized that the podcast, like the rest of the newsletter, is a newsletter. It only works if I send it to you.

So here it is. Le voilà. To the people who wrote to say you couldn’t listen to it, I apologize for thinking you were malingering. It was in fact me who was incompetent.

To the rest of you: Why didn’t you listen to it?