Hey, whatever happened to Claire?

Don't worry. All is well. And you'll want to stay tuned.

A few of you have kindly written to me to ask if I’m okay. “Why haven’t I received a newsletter since the election?” you’ve wondered. “Are you dead?”

I write to reassure you that not only am I well, but that I have good news coming your way, soon, and it’s not just about the messenger RNA you’ll have in your arms, God willing, before the spring—although that’s about as good as news gets. (When this is all over, shall we have a massive ticker-tape parade in New York City in honor of Big Pharma and Global Capitalism? One we all attend in person, not on Zoom, to lavish love, joy, and confetti on Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca? They saved the 21st century and let us never forget it.)

I’ve been away because I’m scheming to fix the rest of the 21st centuries’ problems. I’m busy building the most interesting newsletter anyone’s ever received.

Yes, really. I’ve rassled myself up a team of 61 (yes!) of the most interesting people I know, the world around, and we’re building a newsletter that will be even better than this one because:

1) It will arrive regularly in your Inbox, and

2) It will examine the world’s most interesting problems from a global perspective.

We’ve been working on this around the clock, literally, because we live in all the world’s major time zones. (A challenge we’ve had so far is that we can’t seem to schedule a Zoom meeting at a time of day when no one is deep asleep and in a manner such that no one misses it because we’ve got ourselves all bollixed up trying to schedule things and we keep changing the time of the call.) But we’re solving this problem—along with a few more logistical challenges—and soon, I will send you a newsletter explaining exactly what we’re doing and introducing you to everyone else. For now, in short: We aim to solve the problems about which I always complain. The ones Moderna and Pfizer can’t solve.

So thank you for asking, and please be patient, because we’re almost ready to unroll this thing. It will be invariably interesting. Only more so.