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Ask Prime Minister Oxley

Weird software bug nearly kills us all. We're distressed by the doomed Gaza food convoy. What would Prime Minister Thatcher do about Russia? What would Prime Minister Oxley do about Iran?
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Show notes:

A stealth attack came close to compromising the world’s computers. The cyber-scare, perhaps involving Russia, shows the internet’s crowdsourced code is vulnerable.

Tiktok’s enshittification:

… The end-to-end principle is dead at the service level today. Useful idiots on the right were tricked into thinking that the risk of Twitter mismanagement was “woke shadowbanning,” whereby the things you said wouldn’t reach the people who asked to hear them because Twitter’s deep state didn't like your opinions. The real risk, of course, is that the things you say won't reach the people who asked to hear them because Twitter can make more money by enshittifying their feeds and charging you ransom for the privilege to be included in them.

… enshittification exerts a nearly irresistible gravity on platform capitalism. It’s just too easy to turn the enshittification dial up to eleven. Twitter was able to fire the majority of its skilled staff and still crank the dial all the way over, even with a skeleton crew of desperate, demoralized H1B workers who are shackled to Twitter’s sinking ship by the threat of deportation.

Yet another ‘How could this have happened?’ tragedy prompts deep strategic concerns: IDF probe into mistaken targeting of aid workers from an NGO it respected won’t satisfy anyone; incident complicates a war Israel must win, raises inescapable questions about PM’s strategy, or lack thereof.

We do not ask what religion you belong to. We just ask how many meals you need:

From day one, we have fed Israelis as well as Palestinians. All across Israel, we have served more than 1.75 million hot meals. We have fed families displaced by Hezbollah rockets in the north. We have fed grieving families from the south. We delivered meals to the hospitals where hostages were reunited with their families. We have called consistently, repeatedly and passionately for the release of all the hostages.

What have fourteen years of Conservative rule done to Britain? Living standards have fallen. The country is exhausted by constant drama. But the UK can’t move on from the Tories without facing up to the damage that has occurred.

Writing from London
The Conservatives have cursed the UK
You cannot understand the failure of Conservative rule unless you accept that we are living with the failure of honestly held Conservative beliefs. The UK is in crisis, not because Tories are criminals or charlatans or fools, although they can be all of these things, but because they tried to govern according to their sincerely held beliefs and sent us into a deep crisis…
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Three accused of TV presenter attack have left UK.

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